Time is a paradoxical idea – it is universal and yet so personal at the same time. One possibility could be that it is a construct of the mind, and it is our situation that defines how it will flow. Yet it existed before us and will continue to exist after we die. Thus, the concept is universal, but each one of us experiences it differently. Einstein’s theory of relativity confirmed this, although in the physical sense – that different observers see time differently.

One can think of time as a ship that is constantly flowing along the waves of the universe. Each wave brings us a new experience that will soon pass us, just like a wave that will never meet the ship again. At the same instance, there is no clear past, present or future. The ocean exists at all times as does the ship, isolated.

We may all think of time differently; there is, however, one aspect of time we all experience equally – the scarcity of time as a resource. We are in a constant tug of war between time and our lives, fighting for a few more hours in a day, a few more days in a week.

We must learn that time does not define who we are and what we do. It is us who give time the power to do so.



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